Another famous Cinque port town just a 20minute drive away is the historic port of Rye. Once surrounded by sea, this fortified hilltop town played an important role in the defence of the south coast of England. These days, the river no longer harbours warships and is home to the local fishing fleet. Meandering for over one and a half miles from Rye to the coast, the river forms part of the picturesque scenery visible from several vantage points in and around the citadel of Rye. St Mary’s church tower (usually open to the public) offers the best viewpoint to show the terracotta roofs of the many timbered houses. These ancient buildings, cobbled streets and secret passages, once the haunt of smugglers and highwaymen, regularly attract film crews in search of historical settings for period productions. Many authors, musicians, artists and celebrities have made Rye their home, a medieval haven periodically visited by Royalty. In 1573 the title “Rye Royale” was bestowed upon the town by Queen Elizabeth I after a three day stay.

Located east of the ancient town of Rye, is a beautiful stretch of coastline known as Camber Sands, Camber has over 2 miles of beach, and much of it is golden sands! It is home to the only sand dune system in East Sussex, which provides a valuable natural habitat to many animals and plants. It is only a 25minute drive from Woodchurch and makes a brilliant day out for all the family.

Rye Village


Distance from Shirkoak Farm…

About a thirty minute drive from Shirkoak Farm

What we recommend…

A lovely picturesque village with cobbles streets, well worth a visit