It’s all about the care and future of our fish.


  • All nets, weigh slings and un-hooking mats must be bone dry.
  • Un-hooking mats must be used at all times.
  • No Sacking or Keepnets to be used.
  • No artificial baits.
  • Micro barb or barbed hooks only.
  • No fires…. Raised BBQs only.
  • Take all litter home or use bins provided.
  • Dogs strictly by prior arrangement only!


  • Minimum 15lb line.
  • Wire traces to be used at all times, minimum 28lb b/s.
  • Minimum trace length 18 inches.
  • No live baiting.
  • Crushed barbs or semi-barbed snap tackle to be used.
  • Large unhooking mats to be used at all times.
  • No gags, gaffs or boga grips to be used- carry appropriate unhooking tool ie: long forceps, long handled wire cutters, long handled pliers, deep throat disgorgers

Our Syndicate

Our Syndicate, GT Engeham Pools, is situated just a mile from Shirkoak Farm Fishery on Bethersdan Road.

Our Stock

Shirkoak Farm Fishery boasts a plentiful stock of smaller fish, 31 Carp (12-19lb) & 6 Low Twenties. Our predatory fish is Pike.

Want to fish at Shirkoak Farm Fishery?