Purchase and stocking.

We purchased Shirkoak Fishery in November 2019 and believe the lake was excavated in 2000. Since our arrival, we have netted the lake to evaluate the stock and have found the lake to be overpopulated with small carp, silvers and a few tench. No predatory fish were caught. The condition of some of the fish caught was not great, many had torn mouths and stunted growth due to lack of feeding and not enough natural food sources within the lake. We have now removed some of these smaller fish and have added Pike as our predator fish. A new stocking of 31 carp 12-19lb and 6 low Twenties was added in December and January. These fish were purchased from Chilston fish farm, a reputable, local fish farm run by Marc Harrison, renowned for quick growth rates and beautiful scale patterns.

This is all part of our on going stocking programme, we now have Common and Mirror Carp to low 30s, Pike to 23lbs, Tench to 7lbs, Bream to 8lbs, Roach and Ruud to 2lbs and Perch to 3lbs.

Our Ongoing Stocking Programme

The fish will be fed over the summer months with high protein pellets to generate growth. These fish can be viewed on our Facebook page – this will be updated on a regular basis with fishery information and catch reports, and we encourage our followers’ to leave comments.

CCTV is now in full operation covering the fishery and surrounding areas. The gate is opened at 7am each morning and locked at 7pm.

For day tickets there is no need to book but night fishing must be pre-booked. Cash payments are taken on the bank where we will issue a ticket – we hope to have online and card payments available soon.

Shirkoak fishery is set in a very peaceful and picturesque setting and there is an abundance of wildlife- kingfishers, herons, barn owls, deer, rabbits, etc. for you to enjoy.

If you would like to stay and enjoy the surroundings in a little more comfort, we have now introduced Bed & Breakfast in the Farmhouse and there are special packages for fishing holidays.

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Our Syndicate

Our Syndicate, GT Engeham Pools, is situated just a mile from Shirkoak Farm Fishery on Bethersdan Road.

Our Rules

Shirkoak Farm Fishery prides itself on the care and furture of the fish. We ask that our standard rules are adhered to.

Want to fish at Shirkoak Farm Fishery?